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Checklist of the Collembola: Distinguishing Collembola from similar sized Arthropoda

Frans Janssens, Department of Biology, University of Antwerp, Antwerp, B-2020, Belgium

Table 1. Distinguishing Collembola from most commonly confused similar-sized arthropods (modified from Christiansen in Dindal, 1990:966)
Arthropod groupDistinguished from Collembola by:
First-instar AcarinaNo ventral tube, no antennae
Acarina from the UK
2009.04.20 © Robertson, A.
First-instar DiplopodaNo ventral tube, no legs on segment behind head, large mandibles usually visible at side of head
Polydesmus complanata from the UK
First instar ventral aspect
After Sedgwick, A. 1898
Diplopoda first instars from Canada
2007.06.01 © Luk, S.
Diplopoda first instars from the USA
2008.02.05 © Coin, P.
Diplopoda first instars from the UK
2008.09.12 © Spears, G.
Diplopoda first instars from the UK
2013.08.01 © Fenwick, D.
First-instar PauropodaNo ventral tube, branched antennae
Pauropus silvaticus from Australia
first instar
After Tiegs, O.W. 1947 Fig.4A
Eurypauropodidae from the USA
2015.11.01 © Schrayer, G.
Wingless HomopteraNo ventral tube, more than six abdominal segments, long outstanding apically tapering antennae, multisegmented tarsi
Homoptera from Ibiza
2009.03.13 © Beer, R.
Homoptera from the UK
2011.12.09 © Barton, T.
Homoptera from Spain
2012.12.01 © Herrera, J.M.
Homoptera, nymph from Spain
2012.12.01 © Herrera, J.M.
Wingless PsocopteraNo ventral tube, more than six abdominal segments, facetted compound eyes, long multi-annulated antennae
Psocoptera nymph with
Entomobrya intermedia from the UK
2007 © Barton, T.
Wingless Psocoptera from the Netherlands
2007.06.17 © Van Erkelens, J.A.
Psocoptera nymph from the USA
2007.07.17 © Terser, O.
Psocoptera from the UK
2008.10.06 © Oakshott, A.
Wingless Psocoptera from the USA
2011.10.21 © Janssens, A.J.
Psocoptera nymph from the UK
2012.09.11 © Nurcombe, E.
Wingless ThysanopteraNo ventral tube, more than six abdominal segments
Thysanoptera nymph
2007.05.25 © Reed, D.
Thysanoptera nymph
2011.05.15 © Frank, K.