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Checklist of the Collembola: Generic names of the Entomobryidae

Peter F. Bellinger (), Department of Biology, California State University, Northridge, CA 91330, USA
Kenneth A. Christiansen, Department of Biology, Grinnell College, PO Box V3, Grinnell, IA 50112-0806, USA

Invalid names in brackets. Valid junior synonyms in parentheses.

This list of generic names, the assignment of status, and the associated key are tentative. Comments and corrections are solicited.

Family Entomobryidae

Subfamily Entomobryinae

Acanthocyrtus  Handschin, 1925
Type species Lepidocyrtus
(Lepidocyrtoides) spinosus Schött, 1917. This has been placed as a synonym of Acanthurella, but we believe they should be separated because of the difference in scale structure.
[Acanthonotus] see Entomobrya. This name, and those of other fossil genera proposed by von Olfers, is placed following Handschin (1927).

Acanthurella  Börner, 1906
Type species Lepidocyrtus
(Acanthurella) braueri Börner, 1906.
(Allocyrtus Yoshii & Yayuk, 1989
- Type species Acanthurella lepidornata Handschin, 1930). This was described as a subgenus of Ascocyrtus (in Lepidocyrtus s.l.); for the moment we prefer to place it here because of the dental spines, and because characters of Acanthurella which would allow it to be placed in Yoshii's classification are unknown.

Acrocyrtus  see Lepidocyrtus Footnote 1

Afroseira  see Seira

Allocyrtus  see Acanthurella

Americabrya  Mari Mutt & Palacios-Vargas, 1987
Type species Janetschekbrya arida Christiansen & Bellinger, 1980

Aposinella  see Coecobrya

Ascocyrtus  see Lepidocyrtus Footnote 1

Austrocyrtus  see Pseudosinella

Austroseira  see Seira

[Basicyrtus] see Lepidocyrtus

Botryanura  see Entomobrya

Calistella  see Entomobrya

Calistocyrtus  see Seira

[Callistella] see Entomobrya

Calx  see Entomobrya

Capbrya  Barra, 1999
Type species marshalli Barra, 1999

Carocyrtus  see Lepidocyrtus Footnote 1

Cavernobrya  see Sinella

Cinctocyrtus  see Lepidocyrtus Footnote 1

Coecobrya  Yosii, 1956
Type species Sinella (Coecobrya) akiyoshiana Yosii, 1956.
(Aposinella Paclt, 1971
- Type species Sinella hoefti Schäffer, 1896. No characters separate this genus from Coecobrya, and the type species is unrecognizable)

[Coelura see Metacoelura]

Ctenocyrtinus  see Seira Cuculliger see Entomobrya

Dahlcyrtus  see Lepidocyrtus Footnote 1

[Degeeria] see Entomobrya

[Degeerina] see Entomobrya

["Depranura"] see Entomobrya

Desertia  - see Drepanosira

Deuterosinella  see Entomobrya

Diamantinum  see Seira

[Discocyrtus] see Lepidocyrtus

Drepanocyrtus  see Seira

Drepanosira  Bonet, 1942
Type species Parasira ornata Bonet, 1930
[Parasira Bonet, 1930 nec Steenstrup, 1861
- Type species ornata Bonet, 1930]

Subgenus Desertia Chelnokov, 1979
- Type species kaplini Chelnokov, 1979 Differs from typical Drepanosira only in absence of the mucronal spine

Drepanura  see Entomobrya

Entomobrya  Rondani, 1861
Type species Degeeria muscorum Nicolet, 1842
[Degeeria Nicolet, 1842 nec Meigen, 1838
- Type species muscorum Nicolet, 1842
[Mydonius Gistl, 1848, rejected by Opinion 440
- Type species muscorum Nicolet, 1842]
(Calistella Reuter, 1893
- Type species Degeeria superba Reuter, 1876)
[Callistella Reuter, 1902
- Type species Degeeria superba Reuter, 1876]
[Degeerina Houlbert, 1824
- Type species Degeeria superba Reuter, 1876]
(Cuculliger Olfers, 1907
- Type species longistylus Olfers, 1907)
(Omophora Olfers, 1907
- Type species tricuspidata Olfers, 1907)
(Palpigeridia Olfers, 1907? No type selected)
(Palpigerina Olfers, 1907 No type selected)
(Stylonotus Olfers, 1907
- Type species lanuginosus Olfers, 1907)
[Acanthonotus Olfers in Handschin, 1926, unpublished]
(Orchezelandia Salmon, 1937
- Type species rubra Salmon, 1937)
(Pseudentomobrya Salmon, 1941
- Type species glaciata Salmon, 941)
(Isotobryoides Maynard, 1951
- Type species ochracius Maynard, 1951)
(Botryanura Chelnokov, 1987
- Type species Entomobrya
(Botryanura) oleniensis Chelnokov, 1987. The distinguishing characters, tibiotarsal "trichobothria", seem hardly different from the usual tibiotarsal clothing; therefore we do not recognize it as a distinct taxon)

Subgenus Calx Christiansen, 1958
- Type species Entomobrya
(Drepanura) sabulicola Mills, 1931
Subgenus Drepanura Schött, 1891
- Type species californica Schött, 1891
["Depranura" - lapsus]
Subgenus Entomobrya s. str.
Subgenus Entomobryoides Maynard, 1951
- Type species Degeeria purpurascens Packard, 1873
(Deuterosinella Salmon, 1943
- Type species fusca Salmon, 1953. The genus Deuterosinella is inseparable from Entomobryoides on the basis of available descriptions and figures. It probably is a senior synonym, but we prefer to use the names Entomobryoides until the types of D. fusca can be examined)
Subgenus Isotobrya Womersley, 1934
- Type species wheeleri Womersley, 1934
Subgenus Marginobrya Yoshii, 1992
- Type species Entomobrya
(Marginobrya) marginifera Yoshii, 1992
Subgenus Mesentotoma Salmon, 1942
- Type species exalga Salmon, 1942
(Haloentomobrya Stach, 1963
- Type species Entomobrya dollfusi Denis, 1924. The type shares the distinctive characters of Mesentotoma and thus we consider it a synonym of that taxon)
Subgenus Prodrepanura Stach, 1963
- Type species Entomobrya
(Drepanura) musatica Stach, 1935. Separated from Calx by the absence of mesothoracic lasiotrichia.

Entomobryoides  see Entomobrya

Epimetrura  Schött, 1925
Type species mirabilis Schött, 1925

Haloentomobrya  see Entomobrya

Hawinella  Bellinger & Christiansen 1974
Type species lava Bellinger & Christiansen, 1974

Himalanura  see Entomobrya

Homidia  Börner, 1906
Type species Entomobrya (Homidia) cingula Börner, 1906

Isotobrya  - see Entomobrya

Isotobryoides  see Entomobrya

Janetschekbrya  Yosii, 1971
Type species himalica Yosii, 1971

Lanocyrtus  see Lepidocyrtus

Lepidiaphanus  see Pseudosinella

Lepidobrya  see Lepidosira

Lepidocyrtinus  see Seira

Lepidocyrtoides  Schött, 1917
Type species Lepidocyrtoides cucullaris Schött, 1917). Recognition of this genus and its position in our key are based on Yoshii's redescription of the type species; it is not certain that all other species assigned to the genus share the key character.

Lepidocyrtus  Bourlet, 1839
Type species curvicollis Bourlet, 1839 Footnote 1
(Paidium Koch, 1840
- Type species cucullatum Koch, 1840)
(Strongylonotus MacGillivray, 1894 Tuype species summersi MacGillivray, 1894)
[Lepidocyrtoides Schött, 1927, nec 1917 No type named]
(Pseudocyrtus Salmon, 1956
- Type species projectus Salmon, 1956
(Ascocyrtus Yosii, 1959
- Type species Lepidocyrtus suborientalis Denis, 1948)
[Basicyrtus of Yosii, 1966, unpublished]
[Discocyrtus Yosii, 1959, nec Holmberg, 1876
- Type species Lepidocyrtus suborientalis Denis, 1948] This name might be a senior synonym of Cinctocyrtus or Dahlcyrtus, but the characters which would allow its placement are unknown (Yoshii & Yayuk, 1989)

Subgenus? Acrocyrtus Yosii, 1959
- Type species Lepidocyrtus
(Acrocyrtus) malayanus Yosii, 1959)
Subgenus? Carocyrtus Yoshii, 1989
- Type species Lepidocyrtus
(Carocyrtus) carosus Yosii, 1959)
Subgenus? Cinctocyrtus Yoshii & Yayuk, 1989
- Type species Lepidocyrtus cinctus Schäffer, 1898)
Subgenus? Dahlcyrtus Yoshii Yayuk, 1989
- Type species Lepidocyrtus dahlii Schäffer, 1898)
Subgenus? Lanocyrtus Yoshii & Yayuk, 1989
- Type species Podura lanuginosa Gmelin, 1788)
Subgenus? Onerocyrtus Yoshii, 1989
- Type species Lepidocyrtus
(Acrocyrtus) onerosus Yoshii, 1982)
Subgenus? Setogaster Salmon, 1951
- Type species Trichogaster bispinosus Handschin, 1932
[Trichogaster Handschin, 1932, nec Schneider, 1801
Type species bispinosus Handschin, 1932]
(Pseudocyrtus Salmon, 1956
- Type species projectus Salmon, 1956)
(Merapicyrtus Yoshii & Suhardjono, 1992
- Type species Ascocyrtus (Setogaster) merapicus Yoshii & Yayuk, 1989 Association of these forms on the basis of the bidentate mucronal spine is tentative.

Lepidokrugeria  see Seira

Lepidoregia  see Seira

Lepidosinella  Handschin, 1920
Type species armata Handschin, 1920

Lepidosira  Schött, 1925
Type species Lepidocyrtus terraereginae Ellis & Bellinger, 1973 (=Lepidocyrtus (Lepidocyrtoides) coeruleus Schött, 1917 nec Lepidocyrtus caeruleus Ritter, 1911)

Subgenus Lepidosira s.str.
(Urewera Salmon, 1938
- Type species fuchsiata Salmon, 1938. The mucronal lamella which is supposed to distinguish this genus from Lepidosira appears to be an artefact, and therefore we consider it to be a synonym of the latter taxon)
(Promesira Womersley, 1942
- Type species nigrocephala Womersley, 1942
(Najtsira Yoshii, 1989
- Type species Lepidosira (Najtsira) najtae Yosii, 1989)
(Nusasira Yoshii & Yayuk, 1989
- Type species Pseudosira javana Börner, 1913)
(Sundasira Yoshii & Yayuk, 1989
- Type species Lepidosira
(Sundasira) sundana Yoshii & Yayuk, 1989 We prefer not to recognize Yoshii & Yayuk's subgenera of Lepidosira at this time, since only 10 of some 35 species described in Lepidosira have been assigned to any one of the three, and since the position in their classifications of the type of Lepidosira (terraereginae), and therefore the diagnostic characters of the typical subgenus, are unknown.
Subgenus? Lepidobrya Womersley, 1937
- Type species Entomobrya mawsoni Tillyard, 1920. This appears to differ from typical Lepidosira only in foot structure.
Subgenus Vietsira Yoshii, 1994
- Type species squamigera Yoshii, 1994

Marginobrya  see Entomobrya

Merapicyrtus  see Lepidocyrtus

Mesentotoma  see Entomobrya

Mesira  see Seira

Mesosirodes  see Pseudosinella

Metasinella  Denis, 1929
Type species acrobates Denis, 1929

Subgenus Metasinella s. str.
Subgenus Sulcuncus Mills, 1938
- Type species falciferus Mills, 1938

[Mydonius] see Entomobrya

Najtsira  see Lepidosira Omophora see Entomobrya

Onerocyrtus  see Lepidocyrtus Footnote 1

Orchezelandia  see Entomobrya

Paidium  see Lepidocyrtus Palpigeridia see Entomobrya Palpigerina see Entomobrya

Parasinella  Bonet see Sinella

Parasinella  Carpenter see Sinelloides

[Parasira] see Drepanosira Permobrya Riek, 1976
Type species mirabilis Riek, 1976

[Pettersenia see Pseudosinella]

Plumosinella  see Pseudosinellla

Promesira  see Lepidosira

[Propesinella] see Sinelloides

Protosirodes  see Pseudosinella

Pseudentomobrya  see Entomobrya

Pseudocyrtus  see Lepidocyrtus

Pseudosinella  Schäffer, 1897
Type species Tullbergia immaculata Lie-Pettersen, 1897
[Tullbergia Lie-Petersen, 1897, nec Lubbock, 1876]
[Pettersenia Stscherbakov, 1898
- Type species Tullbergia immaculata Lie-Pettersen, 1897]
(Sirodes Schäffer, 1900
- Type species Sira (Sirodes) lamperti Schäffer, 1900)
(Mesosirodes Börner, 1901
- Type species Pseudosinella virei Börner, 1901)
(Protosirodes Börner, 1901
- Type species Pseudosinella petterseni Börner, 1901)
(Troglosinella Delamare, 1949
- Type species hirsuta Delamare, 1949)
(Lepidiaphanus Salmon, 1949
- Type species eudyptidus Salmon, 1949. We find no characters supporting separation of this group of species from Pseudosinella)
(Austrocyrtus Yoshii, 1989
- Type species Pseudosinella
(Austrocyrtus) speciosa Yoshii, 1989
(Plumosinella Gruia, 1984
- Type species Pseudosinella
(Plumosinella) kenchristianseni Gruia, 1984 Pseudosinella is undoubtedly polyphyletic and some of the synonyms listed above may represent valid taxa. However we prefer not to reclassify the group until much better information is available to justify subdivision of the parent group, Lepidocyrtus s.l.

Pseudosira  see Seira

Rambutsinella  Deharveng & Bedos, 1996
Type species honchongensis Deharveng & Bedos, 1996

Seira  Lubbock, 1869.
Type species Degeeria domestica Nicolet, 1842
[Sira Tullberg, 1872, invalid emendation of Seira Lubbock; also junior homonym of Sira Schmidt, 1852]

Subgenus Seira s.str.]]]
(Pseudosira Schött, 1893.
- Type species P. elegans Schött, 1893) Differs from Seira only in relatively short, unringed antennae.
(Mesira Stscherbakov, 1898.
- Type species squamoornata Stscherbakov, 1898) No significant difference between Mesira and Seira.
(Lepidocyrtinus Börner, 1903.
- Type species Lepidocyrtus (Lepidocyrtinus) annulicornis Börner, 1903. Separation of Lepidocyrtinus as a subgenus may be justified by the presence of clubbed dental setae, but lack of knowledge concerning these setae makes it preferable not to make this separation at present).
(Calistocyrtus Ritter, 1911.
- Type species indicus Ritter, 1911) Differs from Seira only in relatively shorter antennae.
(Drepanocyrtus Handschin, 1924.
- Type species reichenspergeri Handschin, 1924) Differs from Seira only in relatively short unringed antennae
(Lepidoregia Delamare, 1948
- Type species termitophila Delamare, 1948. Differs only in unusual antennal setae. We do not believe it advisable to recognize this as a distinct taxon at present.
(Ctenocyrtinus Arlé, 1959.
- Type species prodigus Arlé, 1959)
(Diamantinum Paclt, 1959.
- Type species munroi Paclt, 1959) Differs from Seira only in relatively short unringed antennae and mucro not separated from dens. Coates (1968) sinks it to Seira.
(Afroseira Yosii, 1959.
- Type species Seira (Afroseira) rowani Yosii, 1959) Differs from Seira in having a dental lobe, which, as in Lepidocyrtus, is of doubtful systematic value. The absence of the posterior bothriothrix on abd. IV may be significant; however this feature has been looked for in too few species to be usable at present).
(Lepidokrugeria Coates, 1969
- Type species meyerae Coates, 1969. Differs only in unusual antennal setae. See remarks Under Lepidoregia, above).
(Austroseira Yoshii & Suhardjono, 1992
- Type species Lepidocyrtus schaefferi Schött, 1901. The difference in in number of dental clubbed setae is of doubtful importance.

Setogaster  see Lepidocyrtus

Sinella  Brook, 1882
Type species curviseta Brook, 1882
(Parasinella Bonet, 1934
- Type species Degeeria cavernarum Packard, 1888)
(Cavernobrya Yosii, 1956
- Type species shobuensis Yosii, 1954) Differences from Sinella are unimportant.

Sinelloides  Bonet, 1942
Type species Parasinella adamsoni Carpenter, 1934
[Parasinella Carpenter, 1934, nec Bonet, 1934
- Type species Parasinella adamsoni Carpenter, 1934]
[Propesinella Salmon, 1945
- Type species Parasinella adamsoni

[Sira] see Seira

Sirodes  see Pseudosinella

Strongylonotus  see Lepidocyrtus Stylonotus see Entomobrya

Sulcuncus  see Metasinella

Sundasira  see Lepidosira

[Trichogaster] see Lepidocyrtus

Troglosinella  see Pseudosinella

[Tullbergia Lie-Pettersen] see Pseudosinella

Urewera  see Lepidosira

Willowsia  Shoebotham 1917
Type species Seira nigromaculata Lubbock, 1873 Footnote 1. The fragmentation of Lepidocyrtus s.l. by Yoshii, mainly on the basis of Oriental material, is followed tentatively in part. However, it should be noted that some of the characters he uses may be convergent and poor indicators of relationships. Also, the application of these divisions to the fauna of other parts of the world is uncertain.

Subfamily Orchesellinae

Aetheocerus  see Orchesella

Alloscopus  see Heteromurus

Australotomurus  Stach, 1947
Type species Isotomurus echidnus Womersley, 1934

Bessoniella  Deharveng & Thibaud, 1989
Type species procera Deharveng & Thibaud, 1989

Corynothrix  Tullberg, 1876
Type species borealis Tullberg, 1876

Dicranocentrella  see Dicranocentrus

Dicranocentrus  Schött, 1893
Type species gracilis Schött, 1893
(Dicranocentrella Wray, 1953
- Type species marias Wray, 1953)
(Heteromuricus Imms, 1912
- Type species cercifer Imms, 1912)
(Indoscopus Prabhoo, 1971
- Type species spinosus Prabhoo, 1971)

Dicranorchesella  Mari Mutt, 1977
Type species boneti Mari Mutt, 1977

[Euheteromurus see Heteromurus]

Heteromuricus  see Dicranocentrus

Heteromurodes  see Heteromurus

Heteromurtrella  see Heteromurus

Heteromurus  Wankel, 1860
Type species margaritarius Wankel, 1860
[Ptenura Templeton, 1944
- Type species Podura nitida Templeton, 1835. Rejected by Opinion 1064]
(Templetonia Lubbock, 1862
- Type species Podura nitida Templeton, 1835)
(Typhlopodura Absolon, 1900
- Type species longicornis Absolon, 1900)
(Heteromurodes Absolon, 1901
- Type species Templetonia quadrioculata Schött, 1896)
[Euheteromurus Börner, 1901
- Type species Heteromurus margaritarius Wankel, 1860]
(Propemesira Salmon, 1942
- Type species duooculata Salmon, 1942)

Subgenus Alloscopus Börner, 1906
- Type species Heteromurus
(Alloscopus) tenuicornis Börner, 1906
Subgenus Heteromurtrella Mari Mutt, 1979
- Type species Heteromurus (Heteromurtrella) puertoricensis Mari Mutt, 1979
Subgenus Heteromurus s. str.
Subgenus Verhoeffiella Absolon, 1900
- Type species cavicola Absolon, 1900

[Heterotoma] see Orchesella

Indoscopus  see Dicranocentrus

Mastigoceras  Handschin, 1924
Type species camponoti Handschin, 1924

Neorchesella  Mari Mutt, 1981
Type species mexicana Mari Mutt, 1981

Nothobrya  Arlé, 1981
Type species schubarti Arlé, 1981

Orchesella  Templeton, 1835
Type species filicornis Templeton, 1835
[Heterotoma Bourlet, 1839, nec Lepeletier & Serville, 1825. No type named]
theocerus Bourlet, 1842
- Type species quinquefasciatus Bourlet, 1843)
(Parentomobrya Dahl, 1912
- Type species plagiensis Dahl, 1912)

Orchesellides  Bonet, 1930
Type species boraoi Bonet, 1930

Parentomobrya  see Orchesella

Propemesira  see Heteromurus

Pseudodicranocentrus  Mari Mutt, 1981
Type species circulatus Mari Mutt, 1981

[Ptenura see Heteromurus]

Templetonia  see Heteromurus

Typhlopodura  see Heteromurus

Verhoeffiella  see Heteromurus

Incertae sedis

Protentomobrya Folsom, 1937
Type species walkeri Folsom, 1937