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Checklist of the Collembola: Species Supplement Database Query Form

Peter F. Bellinger (), Department of Biology, California State University, Northridge, CA 91330, USA
Kenneth A. Christiansen, Department of Biology, Grinnell College, PO Box V3, Grinnell, IA 50112-0806, USA
Steve Hopkin, Division of Zoology, University of Reading, PO Box 228, Reading, RG6 6AJ, UK
Frans Janssens, Department of Biology, University of Antwerp (RUCA), Antwerp, B-2020, Belgium

This form enables Collembola researchers to query the species supplement database on-line.
Species supplement database query form
Enter one or more fields that should match your query. The entry in the species field can be manually edited after selecting it from the pop-up selection lists, in which case the scope of your query can be broadened and the database will generally find more matching records. You can truncate the species and/or genus names You can also use the wild character '%' to specify a to be matched species and/or genus mask.
E.g. 'a_Xenylla' will match all species of Xenylla that begin with 'a'; while '%_Seira' will match all species of Seira.

This is a tentative version of the form. Any comments is welcome.

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Verify the operational status of the database whenever you are experiencing database errors. Feel free to inform Frans Janssens in case of problems.

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