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Fig.4. Lathriopyga longiseta. Hopkin, S.P. © 2000.
Collembola are hairy
Lathriopyga longiseta Stach, 1951 (Collembola: Neanuridae) is a highly distinctive species known as Neanura hystrix in earlier literature. The picture above is of a live specimen (1.5 mm in length) collected on 2000.03.31 from Marsland Valley near Hartland, N. Devon. The species is frequent on the underside of dead branches lying on the soil surface. Monobella grassei is also common at this site. The body setae are very long, the eyes have 2+2 ocelli and it can be recognised easily with a hand lens. Lathriopyga longiseta is likely to be present throughout the West Country.