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Checklist of the Collembola: Legend
In systematic list of taxon names
habitus dorsalclickable icon; displays an image of the habitus : dorsal view
habitus lateralclickable icon; displays an image of the habitus : lateral view
habitus ventralclickable icon; displays an image of the habitus : ventral view
keyclickable icon; link to determination key
Bfound in Belgium
B+found in Belgium, only in artificial circumstances
Fnomenclatural gender of name is Feminine
inomen 'inutisable' (unavailable name)
ilin litteris (personal communication)
isincertae status (doubtful ranking)
Mnomenclatural gender of name is Masculine
Nnomenclatural gender of name is Neuter
ncnomen conservandum (conserved name)
ndnomen dubium (dubious name)
nnnomen nudum (nude name)
sdspecies dubia (doubtful species)
sdispecies dubia et inquirenda
sispecies inquirenda (species to be investigated)
slsensu lato (in broad sense)
sssensu stricto (in narrow sense)
tttaxon typicus
In list of synonyms
=:name incorrectly applied by subsequent author
=?doubtful synonym
=cnomen conservandum (conserved name)
=esynonym ex errore (by error)
=inomen 'inutisable' (unavailable name)
=inincluded synonym
=iosincorrect original spelling
=issincorrect subsequent spelling
=nnomen nudum (nude name)
=ndnomen dubium (dubious name)
=nonomen oblitum (forgotten name)
=ppartial synonym
=rrejected name