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7. Acknowledgements

I thank the following persons:

Prof. Bauer for his open-minded interest in the situation of each individual researcher leading to an honest, careful judgement, and for his detailed, constructive and encouraging criticism of the manuscript.

Prof. Beck for his willingness to become a co-referee of this Ph.D. thesis despite his general oversupply with work from in- and outside his museum and for his very useful comments.

The persons who read chapters of earlier versions of the manuscript and provided very helpful criticism and encouragement: Dr. J. Frouz, W. Gräsle, Dr. V. Nicolai (chapters on microclimate), Dr. J. Frouz, Dr. A. Badejo, Prof. G. Eisenbeis (chapters on the animals' climate use), J. Spelda, Dr. J. Filser (chapters on microhabitat use), Prof. H. M. Jahns, Prof. L. Kappen, P. Hirschberger, Dr. R. Lücking, Dr. G. Steucek, Dr. F. Hallé (modified, earlier versions of the chapters on lichen morphogenesis).

Prof. Glück for very detailed and encouraging discussion of the study, for statistical advice and for criticism of a related manuscript.

Dr. J. Schimmler and Dr. H.-J. Krambeck for statistical discussions.

F. Thamm for providing data on litter microclimates and further informations.

Dr. F. Sick, V. Wand and G. Olimart for support with occasional, but sometimes sudden, technical problems.

Several taxonomical specialists for helping an ecologist: Prof. G. Weigmann, Dr. S. Woas, Dr. S. Swift, K. Schütt, Dr. H. Nirenberg.

K. Kock and G. Kölsch for help with collecting the literature and editing the text.

R. Hingst and K. Heller for introduction to the very extensive, regional faunistic data base of their department. Dr. U. Irmler and M. Emde for faunistic information.

C. Moore and V. Draack for correction of my English.

All scientists at the department "Lehrstuhl für Ökologie" for their frank, scientifically ambitious style.

My mother for supplying ideas, money and general support.

Kristin for encouragement, eternal patience and "heat- and food-supply".

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